William Wright

Sacramento City USD - Adult & Continuing Education

Nominated in 2018


William Wright attends A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center (a school for adults with significant intellectual challenges, where William has been enrolled for 25 years) and is currently enrolled in the Workplace Skills and Functional Academics (Recycling) program. William is a seasoned student in the program and is looked up to as a valued leader in group assignments by both staff and peers. William uses humor to encourage others to stay on task and to act responsibly. William performs individual assignments with a high level of accuracy and reliability. William is trustworthy, cheerful, and courteous. William is goal-oriented. He seeks ways to be successful and shows wisdom to ask for help if needed. William's superior work ethic is second to none. He is diligent and displays the work habits of those from another era.

In Recycling, William goes with a group in the van to collect recyclable materials from schools and businesses in the geographic area and works with a group to load the vehicle with barrels of sorted material or cardboard to take to the recycle center, where William participates at unloading and performs final check of sorted product. During these assignments, William takes on the role of group leader by encouraging group participation of team work, by encouraging the team members to be responsible for personal assignments and demonstrating success at achieving an assigned task. William is alert and shows responsibility to inform staff of inconsistencies of assignments, whether he was able to identify a solution to complete the task or if he needs help.

Individually, William sorts paper products in the classroom into four categories: cardboard, colored ledger, newspaper, white ledger. William also performs paper checks of completed work.

William earns extra credit by going on assignment to shred sensitive papers for the Women, Infants, and Children office as needed up to two mornings per week. Also, he earns extra credit for working overtime with the group to go on a recycle run or collect when asked.

William earns extra money by washing cars for staff and members of the Upholstery class as requested up to two days per week.

William lives independently with his wife Castine of 20 years and his step-daughter, Oniza, who assists William with his daily planner and taking him to doctor appointments. William shares daily living tasks, for instance, grocery shopping, preparing meals, house cleaning chores, and paying bills, with Castine and Oniza.

William is goal-oriented, courteous, cheerful, and reliable. He has shown much growth and success while attending the program at A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center by being responsive to counseling from staff member Dave Stincelli, and instructions received from staff members Bob Berkenkamp and Lashell Conners. William also has maintained and improved his living situation from services received at Alta Regional Center.

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