Oscar Adan Flores Rivas

San Juan Sunrise Tech Center & Creekside Adult Center

Nominated in 2018


We would like to introduce you to Oscar Adan Flores Rivas, who has been a student at the San Juan School for Adults. Oscar came to the U.S. in 2015 with the dream of obtaining an American education and finding a good career. He began taking English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at Sunrise Tech Center and after only one year was able to attend the ESL/GED Transitions class. Oscar then transitioned into the High School Completion program where he successfully completed the GED certificate program and obtained his GED certificate.

While completing his education at Sunrise Tech Center, Oscar was uniquely qualified to help other students with translation issues. In his Transitions class, Oscar helped tutor other students and served as a role model when he successfully transitioned into the High School Completion program.

Oscar earned his GED certificate and has begun taking college classes. His GED accomplishment allowed him to apply for financial aid which helps him get closer to his goal of transferring to California State University Sacramento where he plans to major in film.

Oscar had been working as a janitor with low pay and no benefits. His family has had many financial and health setbacks and relies on him to help provide support. Even though Oscar was expected to help support his family, he never gave up on his dreams and continued to work while going to school. After obtaining his GED certificate, Oscar applied for a job with Dignity Health. He was hired and now receives higher pay and good benefits. Oscar works as an Associate of Guest Services helping people find what they need and giving information about the clinic. He loves working in community services, so his work at the Dignity Health clinic, helping those in need, is a perfect match and is a place where Oscar can put his community and leadership skills into action.

The time Oscar spent studying English and High School Completion through Adult Education at the San Juan School for Adults gave him the ability and confidence to interact with the public and attend college. His experiences in Adult Education has not only helped Oscar reach his goals, but has also improved the lives of his entire family whom he helps support.

Oscar is truly an Adult Education success story!

Here is a letter of support from Oscar's employer:

Here at Dignity Health, Oscar needs no introduction. He has received honors locally and regionally for the incredible service and compassion he has shown both patients and employees. He is the face of Humankindness as people enter and exit our building.

He genuinely searches for any opportunity to help people from the moment he walks in the door to the moment he walks out. If he is unable to get the patient what they need, he persists until he finds someone who can. He is particularly attentive and notices those who need assistance even when they aren't requesting it and always graciously helps them. On occasion his awareness, astute judgement, and timely intervention has avoided potentially harmful situations.

No one in our building can say no to Oscar because we all appreciate everything he does. Much of what he does is not in his job description but none of that matters to him. When he isn't helping someone, he spends his time making people smile.

He truly is a great person and a value not just to the company but to the community as well.

Sean Telezinski, Lead RN, Mercy Walk-In Clinic
Kimette Marta, MD, Mercy Walk-In Clinic

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