Anne Cohen

LAUSD/DACE - North Hollywood - Poly CAS

Anne Dudnick Cohen describes herself as "91 years young." A high school graduate, in Philadelphia,Pa, during the Depression, Anne could not afford to go to college. After supporting a sick husband and raising three sons on a single income, Anne took a few courses at Valley College in North Hollywood, but it was not until she was in her mid-80s that Anne was able to pursue her educational dreams.

Anne was responsible for initiating the placement of a certified LAUSD Program for Older Adults (POA) teacher at her senior residence, The Royal Bellingham. Soon after, Instructor Fjaere Nilssen-Mooney began a writing class that resulted in the publication of two anthologies, extensively featuring Anne Cohen's essays, family stories and poetry. Reporter-Essayist Dennis McCarthy (Daily News) covered the Anthology Release Party in 2006.

Anne has continued writing and takes an active role as assisting teachers in the program and often leading the writing group. She currently co-hosts the group's "Tea and Tales Writer's Salon" at Valley Village Senior Apartments, which hosts writers ranging from journalists to poets, essayists to playwrights, talking about their craft and reading from their work. These events are open to the public.

In Spring, 2010, Anne Cohen completed training to be an intergenerational tutor. Prior to this training, Anne co-presented the Intergenerational Tutoring Course Outline at the Spring CCAE Convention in Pasadena a couple of years ago.

Anne's desire is to continue to demonstrate to the world that life-long learning is not only possible, but the key to a life worth living.

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