Marisol Maldonado

Bassett Adult School


Marisol Maldonado was born in a small town in Cosala, Sinaloa, Mexico. She is the oldest child in a family of nine. As the oldest, she placed her family’s needs before her own. She came to the United States at the age of 15 and worked to support herself and to help provide for her family in Mexico. When she turned 18, she registered at Bassett Adult School in ESL classes. After a few years, she entered the High School Completion Program and received her diploma in 1993. She continued to challenge herself and entered the Cosmetology Program through Bassett, completed the program in one year, and received her license in 1994.

After five years working in cosmetology, Marisol wanted more. She returned to Bassett Adult School to work as an aide in the Adults with Disabilities Program. She wanted to receive "hands on" training so she could become a teacher. She met teacher, Carol Fregeolle, and administrator, Delia Morales, who supported and encouraged her. Carol, a teacher of Adults with Disabilities at Bassett, is her mentor, role model and friend. While working in the disabled program in the mornings, Marisol attended night classes at Mt. San Antonio College, and earned the prestigious English Department "Brandon Award". In 2006, she received a credential for Adults with Disabilities and is currently taking courses through the University of San Diego to clear her credential. She proudly shows her grade "A" transcripts.

Today, Marisol is a teacher at the Sabio Group Home for Bassett Adult School. She says, "Everything that I learned through the adult school I put to work there. I love the students and I love to help them and will do everything possible to help them be successful in life."

Marisol is married with a one-year old daughter and a 12 year-old son. Her son is a successful student and "star" baseball player, encouraged by a mother who tells him to "do his best to follow his dreams." In the same way, she encourages everyone to "have dreams, because dreams do come true, but must be worked for."

"A good education is needed and one must never give up even in difficult times," says Marisol. "The best reward will be a better job or career and a better life for oneself and family."

Marisol's goal is to complete her coursework for her clear credential and to continue working in the community as a teacher to improve the lives of others. She gives special thanks to all her teachers at Bassett Adult School, the administrators and her professors at Mt. San Antonio College, and works selflessly to help and encourage her students. She is an inspiration to everyone who gets to know and work with her, exemplifying the important role of adult school and the unique pathway to success it offers to many members of our communities.

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