Script for Linda Bailey

Description: Introduction music with the blue OTAN logo appearing on a black screen. The music continues as Kay Hartley starts her interview. Kay has full, shoulder-length, auburn hair and dark brown eyes. She is wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit with a navy top beneath and a pearl necklace. She is sitting in the office.

Kay Hartley, Principal, Vallejo Adult School: Linda is a person who began her educational career in adult ed and returned to adult ed as an instructor and exemplifies the zeal that people have once they've been a part of an adult ed program. So we thought she would be an excellent representative.

Description: Kay and Linda Bailey are sitting in an office visiting. Linda is an African-American woman with short black hair. She is wearing white slacks, a bright green top, a white sweater and large silver hoop earrings.

Kay: I'm just real impressed with someone who continues to improve themselves and seek ways of being productive in spite of health issues. She could have stayed home and, you know, collected disability.

Description: Kay and Linda are exiting the Vallejo Adult School together. There is a red and white "Drug Free Zone" sign posted on the building. Linda's interview takes place in her home.

Linda: After I received the GED I kind of drifted around because I still didn't know what I wanted to do. I didn't have any goals or you know any direction until 1976 when I heard about a nursing assistant program at the Vallejo Adult School.

Description: A photo of Linda is shown. She is sitting in front of a stone fireplace and she is wearing a white nursing uniform.

Linda: So I took that class. I enrolled. And that was the best thing I ever did because it started a 30-year career for me.

Description: Another photo of Linda is shown. She is standing in the hall of a nursing facility. She is wearing white nursing slacks and a white sweater with a bright orange top. Her ID tags hangs around her neck and her eyeglasses are clipped to the neck of her blouse.

Anne Haberstock's interview takes place at the nursing facility. She is and older woman with short, blonde hair. She is wearing a turquoise blue top and pendant.

Anne Haberstock, Nursing Instructor (retired), Vallejo Adult School: Linda was, she was the kind of student, the kind of person, who took the class seriously. But she was just basically the kind of person who saw what needed to be done and she did it.

Description: Anne and Linda are sitting in an office visiting with one another. The tables are cluttered with stacks of papers and books along with framed photos and certificates.

Anne: She was that way when she worked with the patients. She was that way with her fellow students.

Linda: Anne Haberstock, my teacher, she actually taught me believe in myself; that I could do a good job. She had higher aspirations for me than I did for myself. But I enjoyed the class and I did, I did well. I just zoomed on through. She was the first one that kind of started me on my way. I learned professionalism from her; how to go in a white uniform and keep it white (laughing). And I just learned how to be a leader, how to take pride in my work; set my own standards, you know, and do a good job.

Anne: Calming influence and someone who shows everyone else how to do the job, how to be a good student, how to be respectful to the teacher, which is wonderful. (chuckling)

Linda: First you have to have the desire; you have to want to go to school.  And you may not know what you want to do, but if you're willing and have the desire, there's people there that help you — counselors, teachers, even people in the office.

Description: Linda is shown standing in the classroom, talking with fellow students.

Linda: I mean in adult education, the whole staff is supportive. You know, I've never seen anything like it.

Description: The conversation continues with Kay in her office.

Linda: My teacher Lois Harrion — when I went to the school, the job paid me while I was in school, but they didn't pay for books or transportation. I had girlfriends; we were counting pennies for gas to get to the school. I went many days with no food — there was no money available. Came home, the lights was cut off. So that same lady, Lois Harrion, she called me, she said, Miss Bailey, she said, "What can I do?" I said, "You've done enough. You've gotten out of your bed and taken me to school. You're done, you're done, you're done." And she said, "Well, Linda, let me tell you this, Miss Bailey," she said, "One day, you'll be able to give back".

Description: There is a photo shown of Linda shaking hands with a distinguished looking man. He has gray hair and is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, dark necktie, and eyeglasses. Linda is smiling and holding a certification. She is wearing a flowered dress and white sweater. Linda's interview continues.

Linda: That stuck in my mind. Just those words she said. You know, you will be able to give back. And you know what? I've been giving back ever since.

Description: Juanita Smith is a young African-American woman with short black hair and dark eyes. She is wearing a black sweater, gold necklace and earrings along with eyeglasses.  She is sitting in an oak chair and there is a large plant  and blue draperies behind her.

Juanita Smith, PN, PHN, BSN, MSN, Solano Community College Instructor:  As I've gotten to know Linda over the years, I am familiar with the path she had to walk. It was a struggle for her to get to where she is and even to this day continuing her efforts to get her bachelor's degree. It's been a struggle because of illnesses and money's always a factor for everybody. But she's a very persistent type person.

Description: Video clip is shown smiling and talking with someone off camera.

Juanita: She has a goal and she may run into walls but she'll figure out a way to get around it or walk through it. And I think that she, herself, has given many people around her, especially younger people, the ability to see that I can do this. I just have to find a way to do it.

Description: Another photo is shown of Linda with the same distinguished man. She is receiving another certificate. Both are smiling broadly. Linda is wearing a navy blue suit with white trim and gold buttons.

Juanita: And if I stay on my journey, I can do it. And I think, that's just Linda. That's who she is.

Description: Margaret Rogers is an older woman with short, auburn hair and bright blue eyes. She is wearing a black suit and blue blouse. There is a California Adult Education Sesquicentennial button pinned to her lapel. Her interview takes place in the Sacramento County Office of Education studio. There is a large tree in the background.

Margaret Rogers, Adjunct Faculty, CSUS – Bachelor of Vocational Education Program: I'm just delighted about her winning but also about the fact that we are continuing to do this. And we have so many success stories in adult education and they're very different from one another. So, having Linda's example of being steeped in adult ed from her finishing high school straight through her own career, I think, is a shining example. So, I'm really happy for her.

Description: Linda's interview continues.

Linda: I'm very humble and grateful for where I've been and the people that really inspired me to just go farther.

Description: Linda and Anne meet outside the school on the sidewalk and they hug each other.

Linda: When I look at Ann today, she's, I mean, I actually had the opportunity to do what she did. She started me out but I had a career doing it. You know, I mean, it's just mind blowing. But I enjoy it and I wish I could continue doing it. But I'm looking for the next phase of life.

Description: The closing photo is of Linda and a fellow nurse standing together, wearing nurse's whites, traditional nursing caps and Hawaiian leis around their necks. The music fades. The credits read: Produced by OTAN, September 2008. Producer – Penny Pearson, Director, Douglas Rennie. Screen fades to black.