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Frank Ganz

Description: Introduction music plays while the blue OTAN logo appears on a black screen. The music continues as California Adult Education Students Succeed 2010 is shown on screen with a logo. A picture of Frank Ganz from Metropolitan Adult Education Program is shown. He is an older gentleman with gray hair and a gray mustache. He wears eyeglasses and has a pink dress shirt with an American flag pin on his lapel. The screen then fades into a video clip of Frank walking down an outside school corridor with Delores Drobot and Susan Andersen. The three are talking and smiling

Description: Sylvia Karp is interviewed. She has blonde short hair, black eyeglasses and a red collared shirt. Behind her are bookcases and a storage cabinet. While she speaks a video of Frank talking with staff is shown.

Sylvia Karp, Director, Metropolitan Adult Education Program: I think he's got an amazing story and he has been an inspiration to so many students here and also to staff and teachers here because it's such a feel-good story.

Description: Delores Drobot sits in front of bookshelves filled with material. She has short gray hair. She is wearing a white blouse with a pink shirt over it, unbuttoned. A video clip shows Frank and Delores sitting at a table with other staff looking at pictures and smiling.

Delores Drobot, Independent Studies Teacher (ret), Metropolitan Adult Education Program: Description: Frank Ganz wears a dress shirt that has very fine black plaid. There is a yellow bulletin board and papers behind him on the wall.

Frank Ganz: I went to all my grandchildren's graduations and I got lots of grandchildren and every time I went I says, I just had the feeling 'god I wish I could be up there with them, get my diploma.' And that went on. Now I started going to their college graduations. That's when I said 'I got to do it. I got to do it. I got to find out how' and then I found out about MAEP.

Description: Tom Heim is interviewed. He has darker gray hair. He is wearing a white and black plaid dress shirt. Behind him are a computer and a bulletin board with a calendar.

Description: Video clips are played during the interviews that show Frank sitting at a conference table with staff members talking and laughing. There are computers on a table behind him.

Tom Heim, Volunteer Algebra Tutor, Metropolitan Adult Education Program: Things don't stick with you quite as well as they do when you are younger and I think that was difficult for Frank but he did not lose his dedication. I was always inspired by that, that he would struggle and stick with it and really wanting to get through the program and get that diploma meant so much to him that he was, he would put in all the extra effort it took even though his memory wasn't as good as it had been earlier in his life.

Frank: When it came to History and United States and Early Government and things like that, that was easy for me. Well, easier for me because you know, I lived through that era. That part wasn't too bad, but then came Algebra. When it came to Algebra I had a tough time. But the MAEP has so many tutors and I got hooked up with the best, you know, Tom Heim.

Dolores: Really conscientious, I mean about his studies and if he couldn't make it, like sometimes he and Laverne would go on a cruise, I mean, he'd tell you long before and he'd want his work so he could, you know, do it before and do it as soon as he came home so that the next meeting when he was here it would be done.

Frank: Anybody that really wants to do it, there's absolutely no reason why you can't do it with the MAEP system.

Description: While Tom speaks a video clip is shown of Frank. He is walking in an outside school corridor with 3 women. They are all laughing and talking. He is also shown at the conference table again with the staff. He is talking and the staff members are continuing to smile and laugh.

Tom: Here's an older student, somebody that students would look at and say 'why would he bother to do this? He's already in retirement. He's comfortable. He doesn't have to do this' and I think he could bring that fatherly vantage point. He had grandchildren that would be some of their ages and he could relate very closely to them and tell them 'don't give up'.

Description: Martha Burns has sandy-blonde hair that is up in the back and has whisks of hair hanging around her face. She has a brown top on and small earrings that are hidden behind her hair. Behind her are storage cabinets and a bookcase.

Martha Burns, Independent Study Coordinator, Metropolitan Adult Education Program: We had been pulling for Frank from the beginning and then to go through whatever it was, four years, of seeing him come in every week and more than once when he had tutoring, but seeing him always coming in and cheering all of us up, even if you were having a difficult day, you couldn't not smile because Frank was there.

Description: Suzi Glass is interviewed next. She has gray short hair that is longer on top. She is wearing a blue top over a white blouse. She has hoop earrings that are blue and white. Behind her student pictures are displayed on an orange bulletin board.

Suzi Glass, Asst. Principal, Metropolitan Adult Education Program: And he continues to be an inspiration to anybody who calls up and says 'well I may be too old. I'm 45.' My first response is 'have you told them about Frank?' So he's definitely given us fodder for, for helping to convince people who aren't so convinced and aren't so committed as he was.

Description: Susan Andersen sits in front of a row of computers. A bulletin board hangs above the computers with pictures of graduation caps. Susan has short hair. She is wearing a pink and brown sleeveless top. She has a diamond necklace and diamond earrings. Video clips are shown of Frank sitting at a table with staff members talking and looking at a photo of him in his cap and gown.

Susan Andersen, Independent Studies Teacher, Metropolitan Adult Education Program: He really inspired at least one, maybe three or four or five of my other students. He was a catalyst for good things in this place. Really, really good things.

Tom: It's a tribute to your dedication and to your desire to apply yourself and make the most of yourself and to achieve goals that you were unable to achieve earlier in your life.

Frank: I mean I didn't expect all this stuff, you know. I just was doing it because I felt I had to do it. I wanted to do it. You had that feeling and with this system that you have there's no greater system. It's easy for anybody to do it.

Special Thanks to: Metropolitan Adult Education Program, Metropolitan Education District and Sylvia Karp, Director

Produced by OTAN 2010; Producer – Penny Pearson; Director – Douglas Rennie