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Marisol Maldonado

Description: Introduction music plays while the blue OTAN logo appears on a black screen. The music continues as California Adult Education Students Succeed 2009 is shown on screen with a logo. A picture of Marisol Maldonado from Bassett Adult School is shown. Marisol is a young Hispanic female. She has black hair that is pulled up, with one curly strand hanging down the side. She is wearing a black and white print blouse with a black sweater over it. The screen then fades into a video clip of Marisol walking down an outside school corridor with Carol Fregeolle and Trudi Sparnicht. They are talking and smiling.

Description: Trudi Sparnicht is interviewed. She has short strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a teal button-up-the-front shirt and a necklace. There is a red bulletin board behind her displaying student's work.

Description: A video is shown of Marisol and Trudi sitting at a table laughing and looking through a binder.

Trudi Sparnicht, Teacher, Dept. Chair CBET & Parent Education, Bassett Adult School: When I saw the OTAN Web page I thought of her as a good candidate. She's a person that doesn't give up and she tries in spite of the obstacles that she's gone through and just that really, really optimistic survivor type attitude that she's not going to be come down. She just doesn't think of the negative. She just keeps her eyes on the goal.

Description: Marisol Maldonado is interviewed. During her interview her curly black hair is worn down. She has sunglasses on top of her head. She is wearing a multi-shade green striped blouse. She has large silver hoop earrings and a necklace with three flowers. She is sitting in a classroom with blue cabinets behind her.

Description: A photograph of Marisol and a gentleman is shown. Marisol is wearing a blue cap and gown and is holding a bouquet of flowers. The man is wearing a gray suit, white shirt and a red tie. He has a red carnation boutonniere on his jacket lapel.

Marisol Maldonado: I came over here when I was 15. I work babysitting the children. After I turned 18 I came to school in the night but I use to work in the morning, full time work, but I came to ESL classes in the afternoon and most of the time I've been like that; working during the day and going to school in the night.

Description: Gerry D'Arcangelo is interviewed. He has short brown hair. He is wearing a yellow plaid shirt. A row of blue cabinets are seen behind him. Each cabinet has a poster on it.

Description: While Gerry is interviewed a video is shown of Marisol, Delia, and Gerry walking outside.

Gerry D'Arcangelo, Counselor, Bassett Adult School: She's gifted academically, like English, Social Studies and various things like that and also personality. I think personality has a lot to do with it now-a-days in the job market or an educational environment like this because now-a-days it's, you need personality plus good skills.

Description: Carol Fregeolle is interviewed. She has dark curly hair pulled back. She is wearing a brown print top. A yellow bulletin board and a red bulletin board are visible behind her. While she talks a video is shown of her and Marisol sitting at a table looking through a binder and talking.

Carol Fregeolle, Teacher, Dept. Chair Adults with Disabilities, Bassett Adult School: She started off basically going to her ESL classes and wanting to do some kind of part-time work because she was doing cosmetology for a while and that's very demanding. That's a hard career also and she had a child, she had her son, and she came to VOICE program and applied and, you either, you're gonna be there and you love it or you'll be there for a little while and you'll leave, and she loved it.

Description: Delia Morales is interviewed. She has blonde hair that is just above her shoulders. She is wearing a gray top with a gold necklace and gold hoop earrings. Posters are visible on a wall behind her.

Delia Morales, Asst. Principal, Bassett Adult School: When I would see Marisol as a student she was always happy working with the clients and just smiling. You can't ignore someone like that. She's just so positive and just so giving.

Description: While the interviews continue videos are shown. The first is her sitting at a table with Carol looking through a binder. The second video is her supervising and instructing several male students as they clean classroom chairs.

Marisol: I knew that I could do more. That's why I came back because I wanted to be a teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher but I came to the correct place at the correct time and then I work for a lot of years in a program for adults with disabilities but at the same time I was going to college in the night. So it was challenging for me but everything is possible.

Carol: And she just was patient and loving but firm and I just saw potential. I said this person would be wonderful as an adult ed. teacher for adults with disabilities because that's a hard group of people to work with and you have to have the patience, the love, and the understanding with them and still be firm.

Marisol: These people are very special people. I love to work with them. They are like very kind, very nice, and I like to challenge myself. I like to do things like more above what I think that I can do. That's why I challenge myself to be an adult with disabilities teacher.

Description: While Gerry's interview continues a video is shown of Marisol, Carol, and Trudi walking past an outside wall that says Bassett Adult School with a picture painted above the writing. Marisol is also shown giving instruction to her students while they gather supplies.

Gerry: She had a desire for many years back to really, what she's learned, to impart that to other people. And you really have to be a good teacher today you really have to have a love for people. You want to share with them your knowledge. That's not always a given now-a-days and plus she not only has that desire but the gift to do it because some teachers, sometimes they know their material but don't know the way to communicate it sometimes, and I think she knows how to communicate to people in a very personal way.

Description: Marisol supervises her students cleaning chairs in a video clip.

Marisol: I love my job and even if I don't get paid for it I will do it for free because I'm very happy with my students; I love them. I like to challenge them. I want them to be successful. I want them to have a better life and to be respect by other people especially because this population is very special and sometimes we don't respect them but that's the most important for me as a teacher.

Description: Cristian Maldonado is interviewed. He appears to be in his teens. He has short black hair and is wearing a blue button-up-the-front shirt with a white undershirt visible at the top. He is sitting in a classroom with bins on a shelf behind him. Marisol is shown talking with her son while he looks at a book.

Cristian Maldonado, Marisol's Son: I like my mom to get a lot of attention because she works so hard in school and she helps everybody, helps everyone out and she works so hard to be where she is right now.

Description: A photograph of Marisol holding the plaque is shown. She is speaking in front of a microphone. She is wearing a black suit with a red shirt. There are trees and bleachers in the background of the photograph.

Description: A video clip of Marisol, Trudi, and Carol is shown. They are sitting at a table looking through a binder of certificates. They are talking and laughing.

Delia: We're very proud of her. We presented the plaque to her at our High School Completion Graduation at a board meeting and I don't know if she gave you a copy of the brochure where she was featured in the back page and it just makes us very proud that, you know, one of our own has become so successful.

Produced by OTAN 2009; Producer – Penny Pearson; Director – Douglas Rennie