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Ruth Rosa

Description: Musical introduction with Students Succeed logo. Ruth, teaching in class – Go ahead, that's fine, go, go, just like that. Video is shown of Ruth walking into the Charles A Jones Skills and Business Education Center in Sacramento, California. She is wearing scrubs, white pants and fuscia top.

Narrator: When Ruth decided to go back to school, her children were, shall we say, skeptical. 

Description: Ruth is a middle-age woman with dark, curly hair, graying at the temples and dark eyes. She is wearing eyeglasses. The interview is taking place with her classroom as the backdrop. She walks along the outside of the building and enters the classroom. Ruth and her teenage daughter are sitting at the kitchen table working together on their homework. Ruth is also shown with her oldest son as he waters the yard. They are smiling and talking. You can tell she is proud of him.

Ruth: When I first told them I was going to school, they looked at me like I was crazy. "Mom, you're too old." I was like, okay. It was a good opportunity because it helped me to get them straight in their schoolwork, as well. You know, when it was time for me to come home and study, they did it with me. Believe it or not, my oldest daughter, she's twelve years old; she helped me get through this class. She would help me study. I wouldn't be surprised if she knows medical terminology by heart, because she helped me out. They were very supportive. I know that they didn't see me as much, I mean, they actually saw me but, our time together was not the way it used to be. I mean, it was like, Mommy's gotta study. Leave me alone or do your homework. It was get them to school, do their dinner, get their homework done, shower and all that, go to bed. That's the mommy they had at the time. But, I think it worked pretty good because my oldest son wanted to drop out of school, a couple of months before finishing, but it kept him in school because I told him, you know, it's never too late to go back to school. But if you can do it now, do it now. So it gave him responsibility on how to think and do the things that he needs to do and as for the other kids, they kinda like it because I'm there with them. They know that it's never too late to ever go back to school. I mean, they're telling me now to go be a doctor. And I'm like; yeah I'm gonna be 60 by the time that happens (laughing).

Description: Patricia is shown in the classroom. She has short dark hair and is also wearing scrubs. She smiles as she explains how new students come into her classroom.

Patricia Bradshaw, Medical Clinical Department Instructor: Ruth is a student amongst the others that I had; I had a very large class at the time; and she was a team player, worked well with others, got along, helped. With each and every student it's different coming into medical/clinical assisting. They were frightened at first. They did not know what to expect with me. All techniques were new to them, their book, everything. She adjusted very, very well. Ruth really was and wanted to always learn. And that's one thing that I noticed about her. She was there, she was dedicated. She would even stay after school. And you can see that in a person. She was a wonderful student.

Description: Ruth supervises students learning to give injections. They are practicing on each other. All the students were dark blue scrubs.

Ruth: So as soon as I was done, I just kept coming back. And even though I did get a job out in a clinic, if I didn't have to go to work until 12, in the morning I was here and then go to work from here. Or if I was off, I automatically got up and got here. There's something about this place that would not let me go. So this is home for me.

Description: More video of Ruth supervising and instructing students on giving injections properly. Patricia speaks happily about Ruth's position as her Lab Technician and they are shown working together in the classroom. Ruth continues to instruct a student in the preparation of an injection.

Patricia: She was in my classroom almost every single day and we grew on one another and as a team player it finally worked.  The paperwork went through. She is now with the title my Lab Technician and without having Ruth; she's my second hands, she's my second eyes. And I appreciate having Ruth. I work very well with her. Plus she also knows what I'm thinking. And that's what you need when you're working with someone, especially with hands on. I could look at Ruth and she knows; she can tell by my eyes, I can tell by her, by our facial expressions as well. We work very well together. We are a team. Without Ruth, I would have a difficult time.

Description: Instruction continues and the interview concludes.

Ruth:  The joy that it gives me to actually see somebody finish; it's like I'm partying right along with them. And that keeps me going every day. If I can just make one difference in somebody's life, not only in my kids, but in somebody else that probably their life is a lot harder than mine was. The fact that I can actually give somebody something that was given to me, if I can make one life succeed, I'm happy.